Venturi kit ozon injectie
  • Venturi kit ozon injectie
  • Venturi kit ozon injectie

Ozone Venturi Mixer unit ( incl, manometer ) 4800068

Ozon By-Pass Venturi Mixer

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Universal set to inject ozone into a PVC pipe system.

The set consists of a bypass system with a ball valve and a venturi.

Comes in 50mm PVC.

The venturi has an 8mm hose tail.

Operation: water is pumped into the main line.

By closing the valve partly, the water is led through the venturi. By the reduced pipe size in the venturi, air (ozone) is sucked in through the 8mm hose tail.

The result is a mixture of air (ozone) and water in the outlet.

Pressure gauge is not included, is optional.

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