Filtreau UVC Pool Select  40.000 L
  • Filtreau UVC Pool Select  40.000 L
  • Filtreau UVC Pool Select  40.000 L

Filtreau UV-C Select Timer 40 watt

For swimming pools up to maximum 40000 Ltr.


  • Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
  • Reduce the use of chloride up to 80%
  • Have LED lifespan warning lamps
  • Easy installation
  • Included powewrfull UV-C lamp
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Made in Holland
439,95 €

UV lamp :
In the Filtreau UV-C Select are a UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm generated by a new innovated High output powerful germicide Ultra-Violet lamp with an expected lifespan of 12000 hours what will ensure an efficient disinfection on algae and bacteria (including Legionella bacteria).
Working :
The water are led through the Filtreau UV-C Select purifier by a pump where the UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and stops them from multiplying. This Filtreau UVC Pool Select system ensure you that your water will be safe, fresh and clean in an efficient way and reduce the use of chloride in your swimming pool up to 80%.
Improvements to earlier systems :
The robust 2mm thick tubes of the Filtreau UVC purifier are bigger in diameter than most common UV systems on the market and have a diameter of 90mm what have the benefits that the water flow speed are reduced with 25% inside the 316L stainless Steel UV radiation reactor what give the special high output UV lamp more ultraviolet radiation time on the passing water then other systems with the same wattage lamp.
Extra UV reflection :
The Filtreau UVC Select systems have an 316L Stainless Steel UV reactor housing and are build for Koi-ponds and swimming pools and can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80% in swimming pools , the pollist interior ensures the reflection of the UV-C radiation and increasing the efficiency up to 35%..
Application :
Because of the size of almost one meter long are the Filtreau UVC Select the perfect UV water purifier for private pool owners and professionals with high demands for disinfection of there pool water and / or control of algae in Koi Ponds
Easy instalation :
The unit comes for a minimum pressure loss with a 63 mm inlet / outlet connection and because of the bottom outlet are this Filteau UVC Titan unit easy to install and will be fully supplied with a manual , electronic ballast , longlife high-frequency UV-C lamp and mounting brackets.
Led Lamp :
Special of this in Holland produce innovated Filtreau UVC Select system are that this have 3 colored LED lamps witch will show you on time when you need to order a new replacement lamp and when you need to replace the old lamp so you will have always the best and optimal preformens of this water disinfection system.
E.U. Regulatuions :
All Filtreau UVC system meet the new EU regulation and have a safety switch witch make sure the lamp only burn when the lamp are safe in the housing what guarantees optimal safety for the user against UV radiation contact to eye,s and skin during maintenance or change lamps
Advantages of UV-C treatment:
  • Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
  • Visibly clearer water, reduced odours, minimised red eye, stinging eyes and skin irritation
  • Disinfects water efficiently and safely
  • UV light disinfection leave no additives, no smell and no active pathogens in swimming pools
  • Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80%
  • Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control
  • Prevents structural damage caused by chlorine by-products.
  • More environmentally-friendly than traditional clear water treatment methods
  • UV disinfection destroys combined chlorines (chloramines) in swimming pools
Advantages of the Filtreau UVC Select :
  • Broad diameter 90 mm housing for optimal UV-C exposure
  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection
  • Robust 2mm thick 316L stainless Steel housing
  • Made in Holland
  • Expected lifespan UV lamp 12000 hours
  • Have LED lifespan warning lamps
  • reduce the use of Chloride with 80% in swimming pools
  • Has a lamp safety switch to prevent UV eye / skin contact.
  • 360° flexibility connection possibilities for easy installation and maintenance
  • Longer UV exposure time for better disinfection
  • Special High output germicide UV-C lamp
  • 2-year guarantee with respect to manufacturing faults
  • Earthed

Technical specifications

Filtreau UVC Select 40 watt

Filtreau UVC Select 80 watt

FiltreauUVC Select 120 Watt Amalgaam

Max water content

40.000 L

80.000 L

120.000 L

High output Lamp

40 Watt

80 Watt

120 Watt Amalgaam

UV Radiation Output

16 Watt

27 Watt

42 Watt

Optimal flow

15000 L/h

20000 L/h

25000 L/h

Max. pressure

3 bar

3 bar

3 bar

Max. Connection size

Ø63 mm

Ø63 mm

Ø63 mm

Length of the device

100 cm

100 cm

100 cm

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